Friday, January 1, 2016

A Poem a Day (And Other Goals)

I set this goal for myself this last year and, even though I didn't achieve the goal, it prompted me to write more poems than I would have otherwise.

And on some days I wrote more than one poem. And on some days I wrote a song, and on some days I started a story, and on some days I took photos which counted as poems.

So I'm doing it again, with the promise that, again, like last year, I won't get angry with myself when I don't achieve the goal perfectly. I mean, I'll keep track, I'll make myself accountable, but I'll be kind to myself---and realistic.

Also, this year I'm going to practice the piano and the oboe every day. Other goals too numerous, and too personal, to mention here. Yep, setting goals for the New Year.

Because even though I've been reading all these supposedly encouraging self-help gurus who say you shouldn't set goals, I find that setting goals and keeping myself to them is the best start I know to each day and, therefore, to a new year.

Cousins: I mean, why not put this photo here? Another caption for this photo could be: Beauty.

1 comment:

Jeff Wynn said...

Ah. My two beautiful grand-daughters and my youngest grandson!

As for goals, *I* set mine in July. Then no one knows quite when I failed...