Sunday, December 16, 2018

"New Religions" Essay Is "Twaddle"

I just loved reading this article, and I hope you will, too. 

As I read the article "America's New Religions" when it first appeared online, I kept thinking, What is wrong with this guy? Does he even know what the word "religion" means? Does he know anything about religion or philosophy? Did he just have a bad dream? Something he ate the night before? What? 

I didn't think more about it, though, partly b/c I'm not a philosopher and I'm intimidated by people who write stuff like that. 

But someone else has done it, and they have thoroughly roasted the author. And so elegantly! "Twaddle," indeed!

Just one quote from the piece by Mike Pesca: "The essay combines sophistry with circular reading to achieve as pure an expression of pseudo-intellectualism as you will ever read."

Go ahead, read the whole thing, and enjoy! You're welcome!

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