Saturday, December 1, 2018

My Weekend Joy of Life: Saturday, December 1, 2018

Check it out: Don't you love reading about science stuff?

Here's one I keep returning to, just to remember certain small details and to look at the photos and short videos:

Quartz Obsession: Sand Dollars. Check it out, for a chance to read something not-political and not-ugly but in fact, beautiful and life affirming.

Check out this bit, in particular:
Being lean goes only so far in preventing sand dollars from getting caught up in a current. They also have to be heavy. While older dollars naturally weigh more, freshly minted urchins need supplements to bulk up. Really. As they sift through the sand, they search for minerals comprised of metals like magnetite, which they ingest and store in their gut. The more metal they take in, the heavier they become. And the less likely they are to drift away.
Wait, so does that mean you could use one of those metal detectors to find sand dollars on the beach? Or, maybe a magnet? I'll check this out in the coming week, as I'll be having some serious beach time. 

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