Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My Daily Quarrel with Life: Tuesday, 04 Dec 2018

Maybe by the time this post appears, it will be a moot point, but I'm going to write it anyway:

What's wrong with Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona)? You would think that he would have grown a spine by now, having quit because he knew he couldn't win re-election, but he's still a waffler.

Check out this article from Politico: Senate Republicans Unload on Flake.

The main point I want you to see is this bit, from the caption to the photo at the top, and also from about halfway through the article:

If he stands firm, Sen. Jeff Flake could unravel months of work from Senate Republicans and the Trump White House. 

"If he stands firm"?????? Oh, please, Jeff Flake, stand firm, just this once! Please! Please? Please! You don't care any more about the bullies on the Republican Right and Trump TV calling you mean names, do you? Just stand firm!

So, here's the deal: If Flake does stand firm to his promise not to let a vote proceed on various crappy right-wing judges the Republican so-called leadership wants to confirm during this lame-duck session, then those so-called leaders, maybe, no, not likely, but maybe, will let a vote go to the Senate floor offering protection for Special Counsel Robert Mueller's work probing the Trump team's series of lies and crimes and cover-ups....


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