Monday, December 3, 2018

My Daily Quarrel with Life: Monday, 03 Dec 2018

Robo-calls---what the heck is wrong with these people who make unwanted calls, and think that people like you and me will want to talk to them about whatever they're trying to sell us (or whatever retirement benefits they're trying to rip off of us, or what kind of scam they're willing to perform on some government benefits)?

So, I got one of these calls just the other day, and this company (a local company which I would not trust as far as I could through their lightest-weight employee) called me. The doofus forgot to turn off the Caller ID, so I was able to call back, and, mirabile dictu, I was able to call his number right back, and, boy, did I start WWIII on him.

In the original call---where he dialed my number and put on a sweet young woman's voice saying she would love to help me and/or my family member who, as they had just discovered is suffering from some kind of chronic pain issues---did not let me talk, other than to tell them my age (not gonna do it!) and if I or any family member is on Medicare (why would any sane person tell some robo-call voice this information?).

When I said "No" to both questions---only a "Yes" or "No" answer was acceptable---the robo-voice said thanks and hung up.

So I called back and yelled at the guy for several minutes. Did he know he was violating the federal HIPAA law and violating my personal privacy?

He said, "Sorry, I'm in the middle of a conference call, so I can't talk to you right now."

I said, "Wait a minute! You're in the middle of a conference call, and YOU don't want to talk to ME, because you think I'm never too busy to take your robo-calls? Oh, no, buddy, you're going to listen to this. And maybe put it on speaker phone, so the rest of your crew can hear it, too."

So he listened. (Didn't put it on speaker phone. But listened.)

At the end of my very long rant, I insisted that he write down the phone number he had called, adding that he should be happy that I was stopping for a moment to give him a chance to say that he would do that, unlike the way his original robo-call had not given me a chance to talk, and he listened, and, I hope, wrote down the phone number.

Here's the deal: This company has precisely no care whatsoever for the health concerns of me or any member of my family. They just want us to invest with them, so that they can screw over the federal government by controlling whatever Medicare benefits they think I have.

And here's the other deal: The health records and personal information of some member(s) of my family have been compromised, either by some malfeasance of some medical clinic that some member(s) of my family has/have visited, or by illegal electronic surveillance of phone calls and email messages of some member(s) of my family.

(Note: I did paste here a photo of this company's local office building, but removed it, realizing that while they are willing to call people like me, using illegally obtained data to try to scam us out of our money, they would not be willing for anyone to realize who they are. However, if any of my Dear Readers would like to know what company I'm talking about, just ask me, privately. Or be aware of what is happening in the little town where I currently live.) (Timbuktu?)

And you'll be able to figure it out.

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Jeff Wynn said...

In technical terms, Louise opened a #10 can of Whup Ass on the poor financial company dude.