Saturday, October 27, 2018

Great "New" Web Site and 600 Free University Classes

...New to me, anyway: Quartz! (

(I found it in my usual way, surfing the Net for news, to keep from getting around to doing what I had sat down in front of the computer to do.)

Image result for university campus image freeAnd here's one article I've already found on

"190 universities just launched 600 free online courses. Here's the full list."

Just to pique your interest, here are some of the categories, and some of the courses, being offered:


Getting Started With [Insert here every single new and some old programming languages for every single game, app, and device in the world]. Really. No kidding.


"Engineering the Space Shuttle" --- Amazing! Who wouldn't want to know how to do that?

Various other classes on semiconductors, robotics, electric cars, policy, motors and motor control circuitry, and on and on and on.

Computer Science: 

Machine learning, AI, computer cloud security, blockchain....and on and on and on.

Social Sciences:

Political science, American government and Constitutional foundation (There's one we should all take!), Research Skills for Conducting Interviews, gender identity, child welfare systems, urban planning, business management, global politics, contemporary issues in global politics... and on and on and on.


Climate change, quantum states, nitrogen and nitrogen cycles, equine research, sharing data, building a quantum computer (Really???? Amazing!!!!), nuclear reactor physics basics, zoology, astronomy, Black Holes, Climate Adaptation in South Africa, citizen research....and on and on and on.

Art & Design:

"18th-Century Opera: Handel & Mozart" (That's one I'm definitely going to look into), "Guitar Scales and Chord Progressions" (This one, too), Sustainability in Architecture, Realistic 3D Architectural Modeling, Creative Thinking, "Music Psychology (Why Does Bohemian Rhapsody Feel So Good?)" (This one, too)....and on and on and on.

And on and on and on. I'm not going to go through each category as I've done above, because, you know, my personal mantra, "Life is short!", so here are the last few categories. Enjoy!

Mathematics ("Vector and Matrix Algebra"---not for me); Humanities ("Othello's Story"---another one I want to take!); Business; Health & Medicine; Data Science; Education & Teaching; and Personal Development.

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Jeff Wynn said...

If I didn't have a full plate already, I'd wanna take the course on Python programming.

Because who WOULDN'T want to program a snake?