Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Advice from a bishop....

....for Mormons who don't "know" the Church is true: 

For one thing, Bishop Richard Ostler writes, "I avoid telling people just to be more faithful." And, he writes, "I accept that not everyone will fit into the 'I know' crowd." He continues: 
I have so much respect for those who share their testimony and use less absolute phrases than “I know.” Maybe that is the best some are able to do now. I’ve met many of these wonderful members and see firsthand all they do to help and faithfully serve others. Often they have unique Christlike attributes and gifts. They are the best of the best. Maybe for some “I don’t know” is their destination for this lifetime … not just a temporary stop.Richard Ostler

His other points: 
I resist the temptation to bear testimony “at” this group. 
I work on truly listening. 
I trust that they are receiving personal revelation. 
I know my own testimony is a work in progress.
I focus on strengths.  
I strive to make a bigger tent. 

Great advice! (And do read the whole blog post)

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