Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Werewolves and Onions (Or, I Should Say, "The Onion")

Why Is It That My Girlfriend  Insists On Sticking Around While....?

What I want to know is why The Onion doesn't have a companion article about the dilemma of the female werewolf whose mangy boyfriend doesn't even realize she's a werewolf.

He thinks when she says she wants to "change into something more comfortable" that means she wants to have sex.

She thinks he's an idiot and wonders why she's still staying with him.

Then she remembers, Oh, yeah, because it's hard to find someone as blinkingly, blindingly, and blissfully oblivious as he is.

Yes, the life of a female werewolf is not all fun and games, as some folks imagine.

But mark my words: The day will come when she'll have had enough. And then guess what will happen!

I mean it: Guess! I'm not going to tell you until you guess.

Meanwhile, this radio announcement from The Onion: "Dead Werewolf Was Apparently Allergic to Peanuts." 

(Warning: The entire first minute of this story is a ridiculous ad.)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Werewolves of London

"I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand..."

I found the lyrics at the Song Meanings Web site. ---  only the lyrics, not any possible "song meaning"---oh, looking below the lyrics, I see a very long comment section, with a lot of really idiotic comments, except for this "general comment," which gives the supposed story of how the song came about and notes, with this key phrase: "...the meaning being, it has none."

This is one of the few songs he wrote that Warren was very up front about where the meaning was concerned- the meaning being, it has none. It starts in 1974 long before he had even begun his first album. Phil Everly was working on a solo album after he and Don broke up their band. Warren, their former band leader and a close friend, was talking with him one evening after Don had been watching a old B-movie called Werewolf of London and mentioned the movie. They started joking about how it sounded like a good song title. Phil, probably in jest said, "Fine, make it a dance song 'The Werewolves of London,' and I'll put it on the album." In much the same fashion of Bruce Springsteen and "Jeanie Needs a Shooter," Warren took him at his word. Shortly after that Warren was song writing with his friend Roy Marinell and decided to take a crack at Werewolves. Marinell, a bassist, said he had just the riff for a dance song, and in turn played the famous bass line. It's not clear if this was a rip off Sweet Home Alabama which was released around the same time (Spring 1974) but if it is, that's Roy's look out. Waddy Wachetl happened to walk in and ask, "What are you to doing?"

Warren said, "We doing the Werewolves of London," and Waddy replied, "Ah, you mean like- Awhooooooo?" And it went from there. They just started rattling off lyrics that they thought sounded funny and that fit together. Warren's wife, Crystal was there and started writing down the lyrics as they went. A few days later she and Warren went to visit Jackson Browne and he asked if Warren was working on anything new. Crystal said, "Do the new one," and Warren asked, "what new one?" She pulled out her notepad and read out the lyrics. Jackson loved it and asked if he use it in his set. Warren said he didn't care, and Jackson ended up getting bootlegged doing the song in concert. His producers asked when we was going to record it, and he said he didn't want to but he could put them in touch with the guy who wrote it.

When they did the "Warren Zevon" album, Jackson urged that it be left off in favor of the deeper songs like "The French Inhaler" or "Hasten Down the Wind". He said those were too important to be left off in place of a normal pop song. Once the album established Warren with the critics though, he said it would be perfect for the second album, "Excitable Boy". In turn, it was chosen as the single from that LP, much to the chagrin of Warren and Waddy who felt jilted that a song they wrote in 15 minutes for kicks was being paid attention when deeper stuff like "Veracruz" or "Accidentally Like A Martyr" was overlooked. Of course, it was kind of insult to injury when the song became the only popular hit Warren ever had.

Once he was established in his fanbase during the 90s he was asked in an interview if he ever thought about dropping it from his set list to add some of his more personal material. His response was, "Well, not really. I suppose it just wouldn't feel right without the obligatory 3 minutes of howling every night."
....which is kind of ... all right, isn't it? --- If you have an excuse to howl for 3 minutes every night? I mean, wouldn't you love an excuse like that? Or is that just me?

Monday, November 16, 2015


I hate to write this after all the great bird news, but little Piper died last Thursday. At least I was able to be with her, cuddling her on my chest, keeping her warm as she fell asleep and then died in her sleep. We miss her so much.

A few hours before, feeling very sick
A few  months ago
She was alert, eating normally, and flying around as usual until a couple of days earlier and even the day she died she seemed normal even though she was staying in or on top of her cage unless I took her out. It was only for a few hours that she was obviously in distress, and I was able to stay with her most of that time, which was a comfort for me and I hope for her.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Taz Likes Glasses

...Or she's just teasing me. I don't know what she would do if she ever succeeded in pulling the glasses all the way off.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Carly LIkes Hot Peppers

...and leaves:

The tomato and sweet-pepper plants stopped thriving long ago, but this pepper plant kept growing and producing, so when it got cold I brought it inside.

When I saw Carly eating leaves off another indoor plant which I wasn't sure of, I put this one by her cage instead, and it turns out she LOVES the peppers, and the leaves, and the dried-up leaves. She loves everything about this plant.

And after she has eaten the peppers, when she does her usual "kiss," you can tell she's been eating peppers!

Even better, when I rearranged the cages so this plant would be between Carly and Taz, I see that Taz has now started eating peppers, too. Full of Vitamin C and A, so good for them! I'll take a photo of Taz eating peppers, soon.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taz Takes a Bath

I also have the most adorable movies of her taking a bath, but haven't figured out how to get them here. So, in the meantime, this still photo:

This was at the end of the bath, and she was looking up at me to tell me she was done, done, done, ready to get out of there.

I don't know if you can tell from this photo, but I can: Her plucking has not stopped, and I'm very worried about her. I've tried all the things I can think of, like lots of toys, lots of time and attention, specific anti-plucking training. 

So I checked with the owner of the Parrot Perch last week.This is the best pet store I've ever seen, also the only pet store I've ever seen that's devoted completely to birds. And the two women there know everything there is to know about pet birds.

She said I need to take Taz to a veterinarian. I said no way, I'd done that once before with a pet bird  (our sweet Sunshine), and it had been a disaster for the bird and resulted in absolutely no helpful information for us. (And a huge bill, and some useless food supplement.)

She said there's a vet in a nearby town who specializes in birds, and I should take Taz there. So I'll call on Monday to get an appointment.
One of the birds for sale at the Parrot Perch

Meantime, at that lady's suggestion, I'm giving Taz and all the birds a bunch of mixed vegetables every day. Do they love them? No, they do not. Only Carly eats them, and she only eats the green beans, and then she has, how to say this delicately, very loose poop, all over my shoulder and down onto the floor. But I'm going to keep trying, and of course I'm still giving the birds the foods they're accustomed to.