Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some of my photos on display at the Three Creeks Library in November
More of my photos on display at the Three Creeks Library
And more of my photos on display at the Three Creeks Library

This origami "sculpture" is on permanent display at the Three Creeks Library

Here are some random photos from November:

Mallard, totally unafraid, in Tech Center pond

Sweet Taz!

Tree house, in woods soon to be demolished for new houses

Close-up of the tree house (tree stand?)

Family Visit, Nov 2016

Bird Whisperers Nov 2016

Halloween 2016

Monday, October 10, 2016

Some famous songs for "belly dance"

(I'm using these videos with just the music, not the dancers, because so many of the videos that show the dancers seem not very family-friendly!)

(I love the music from this "Beats Antique" group. This represents some of the "tribal" and "fusion" types of "belly dance" music --- i.e., not so much the "Arabian" sound, but with a strong beat that's good for dancing and improvising.)

(Flamenco music is also well suited for "belly dance," and of course has the same roots...)

Speaking of flamenco, here are some great examples, and I think the "belly dance" I'm thinking of for the Colonel characters can involve some kind of mix between these types, including the clothing they wear(!)

But I like the idea of a march, fanfare....

Are all marches military in some way? Do the words "march" and "martial" come from the same root? I Googled this and found a fascinating article on the different verbs used by Martial and Ovid and Flavius. Hmmm, not what I was looking for.

Aha! Later: Yes, of course "march" comes from "martial," which comes from Mars, the Roman god of war.

From Origin: before 1050; Middle English March(e) < Anglo-French Marche; replacing Old English Martius < Latin, short for Mārtius mēnsis month of Mars (Mārti-, stem of Mārs + -us adj. suffix)

 (Chabrier, Marche des Cipayes )

(Grieg: March of the Dwarfs)

(Meredith Wilson: 76 Trombones, from "The Music Man")

(Andrew Lloyd Webber: Phantom of the Opera, funeral march)

(Gounod: Funeral March of a Marionette, made famous when used as theme music for the Alfred Hitchcock TV show --- I love it because I can really imagine a marionette marching, sadly, to this music...)

(Nielsen: Aladdin: Incidental Music: Oriental Festive March)


 (Disney: Prince Ali: a march, of course!--- a grand entrance! --- and with an elephant!)

(And of course the greatest march of all time, the Triumphal March by Giuseppe Verdi, in "Aida" -- I chose this version because it has horses. I was hoping for elephants, but horses are, wow!)

(And, finally, this website for a listing of "40 Famous Marches," with links.)